What’s the Time?

I asked my sister to guess what time it is

She looked at her laptop and told me it was 11:02

In case you don’t get the joke and not sure what was a blonde moment about that…and in case you would’ve done the same thing my sister did…

She was supposed to GUESS the time…instead of KNOW EXACTLY BY LOOKING AT A CLOCK

~ A

It’s a shooting star!

I was looking up at the stars in the backyard and thought about how beautiful it is.

Suddenly, I noticed that there was a light that’s moving really fast…

Maybe it’s a shooting star!

So I started making a wish and then quickly pointed out the shooting star to my sis.

Just then, she told me that it was just a moving plane with its lights on…

There goes my wish…

~ A

Dog house

One day I came home and asked my mom where my sister was.

My mom replied – she went to the dog house.

Two Thoughts came to my mind:

1. As much as my sister loves dogs, we don’t have a dog since my mom doesn’t want one in the house – so there’s no way that we have a dog house.

2. Maybe my mom’s English improved and she meant the dog house in the slang sense such that my sister did something bad and got “sent to the doghouse” or punished for something.

Turns out that my sister  went to volunteer at the dog shelter…

Oh mom….I thought your English has soared to now include slangs!

~ A

Why isn’t she picking up her phone?

My dad had to go to the restaurant first to go see if there were seats available while my aunt stayed with my grandpa at home to wait for his call.

Since he didn’t have a cellphone, he borrowed my aunt’s phone to call her once he finds out.

He got to the restaurant and started calling my aunt – he kept on trying my aunt on her cellphone and called many times, only to continue to get her voicemail…

After about 3 minutes, he realized that he was calling from my aunt’s cell phone…to try and reach her on the very phone that he’s holding on to

~ A

How old are you…?

My friend is 21 years old, she was telling me about her boyfriend and how he wants kids but she isn’t ready yet.

She then said: “There’s a 10-year difference between us.”

To which I replied: “Oh, is he 10 years older or younger than you?”

(~A’s comment – if you still don’t get it…you may need to read up on dating laws with minors…)

~ Anonymous

I have no sense of direction…

My friend, M. wanted to make it to a charity run and so she decided to bike there.

The place for the run starts at 50th Avenue South West

She somehow ended up at 50th Avenue South East…

Which, if you can do the math, is 100 blocks away from where she was supposed to be…

P.S. She actually ended up biking to the right place finally, in time for the BBQ that occurred after the run.

~ A.