This site tells the TRUE stories of Asians that get blonde moments every now and then. It started with my family (aka my mom, my sister, and myself – thanks mom for the fun that we have) and expanded to our Asian friends.

Our Goal:

To help people have a daily laugh in this stressed-out and crazy world… happiness is something that we are going for and we don’t mind that you are laughing at us…

Just a bit of background:

My mom (known as “Mom”) is in the 50-60 range ( a woman never tells her age) and is a fairly liberal Asian mom. Sometimes, she may have blonde moments from English not being her first language, but more often, it’s just from her pure interesting way of doing things that ends up being really funny. She tries to carry out her Asian values in our Canadian culture (and often butts heads with my sister because of that)

My sister (known as “C”) is in university – definitely not the typical Asian kid. Most of her friends are white and she cooks way more Kraft Dinner than I ever wanted to see… started partying in high school and still enjoying life in university (I told her to have a blast since university is where you discover what you like to do)

I’m (known as “A”) in my twenties – second year into the full working mode as an auditor (I know…it makes me want to run away too) – I swear we are all robots working like crazy… but I’ll get out soon enough and switch into marketing. Even though my grades in school were good, I have no common sense. It was quite sad in that my friends in university nicknamed me “?” since I am always confused… and it still continues right now…

Share Your Asian Blonde Moment with Us (Don’t Worry – We’ll Remove Names)

Then, to be more inclusive, if you want to share you or your friends’ true stories that are funny (or are blonde moments), please let us know by clicking here to share your funny joke

Please note: when you submit your true story – we’ll let you know when we’ve posted it and you agree to let us retain the copyright to it. Please also let us know if you want to keep or remove your name from the stories

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