Will this hurt my head?

My sister was craving pasta around midnight…and the only thing that was still open was 7-Eleven.

So we went and bought some frozen pasta.

Now while she was holding the frozen box, she accidentally dropped in on the table, which made a loud clanging noise.

“That can’t be right, is it actually that hard that it’ll make such a big noise?”

Then, she proceeded to tap the frozen box against her head…

which was followed by: “OWWWWWWW….THAT HURTS!”

Yes dear sister, if it makes a loud noise against our wooden table, it’ll also be painful against your head…

P.S. She used the frozen pasta to immediately hurt her head, oh how the frozen box can be used for both good and bad!

When was this shirt made?

So recently we went shopping with my mom and she had wandered into the Roots store. Now…guessing that Roots is re-branding itself to say: “Roots 73″

My mom wasn’t quite sure why there was a 73 behind Roots.

My sister promptly replied:

“It’s because, that’s when it was made.”

Now my poor mom had a shock on her face and she exclaimed: “This shirt was made in 1973?!”

“No mom…Roots was created in 1973 – they’re trying to show off their heritage…” was the response from my sis

Romantic Environment According to Mom

My sister recently brought home a guy that she likes – and it was the first time he’s ever met my mom.

Now, because he’s white, so my mom started speaking English to him.

We were in our living room and I jokingly said, yes, let’s turn on the big light in our living room so that we can grill him with questions.

Then, I turned on the big light to make it more dramatic.

My mom turned it off (we still had another set of lights on at this time) and said to the guy, “No, we should turn off the light so that it’s a romantic environment.

Now, we bursted out laughing regarding why it’s awkward to say romantic environment to the guy that your daughter brought home.

I explained the situation to my mom, to which she replied to me, “Oh…my bad English, what I meant to say is good environment in English, I just used the wrong word”.

P.S. Don’t worry I explained my mom’s mistake to the guy – so he didn’t get scared.

~ A

Stalk boy?

So first off, I just want to say I’ve never worked retail (simply because it’s never appealed to me)…

Anyways, my sister was telling me about working at retail and how one of her friend’s a “stock boy” for Safeway.

Now, I was listening to her and all I heard was – “stalk boy” – and got super freaked out.

This was followed by me asking a series of questions as I was really concerned, including ”Is this boy stalking you? or does he stalk other people? is he friends with you so that he can stalk your friends?”

Yes – I should improve my knowledge of retail positions…

~ A