Kia NoKia – Friend’s Not So Smart Response

So my sister posted the Kia/NoKia picture on her Facebook status update and her friend saw it (she is Asian and grew up here)…this was their text messaging conversation – I had to post it when my sister bursted out laughing…(I know this friend – she’s really a sweet girl – she’s just good and comparable to my sister’s way of thinking about the world if you know what I mean):



















Loving the fact that like-minded people are friends :P – love you both!

~ A

Kia – NoKia?

My sister’s friend sent her an awesome picture… let me know if you get it and thinks it’s funny:

For most of us… it makes sense, there was a kia, now there isn’t a kia (therefore no Kia). Now this is my sister’s logic:

So she spent a good while trying to find the nokia cell phone and gave up. After which, she told her friend the image isn’t funny at all – it just made her mad that she couldn’t find the nokia phone. Then, she asked me if it was a trick in that the picture purposefully didn’t have the nokia phone…

Sorry Kia – guess you aren’t on my sister’s radar at all…

~ A

Latinos are from Latin?

I told my sister that I was going to a Latino restaurant. She said, “Cool! Where do Latinos come from?”

To which I replied, “What do you mean?”

She continued, “Are Latinos from Latin? Like you know how Spanish people come from Spain? So is Latin a country?”

I don’t even know how to respond…

Sorry to all the Latinos out there… I apologize on behalf of my 19 year old sister

~ A